Jai Hind is a 1999 Indian Action film. It stars Rishi Kapoor, Kunal Goswami, Shilpa Shirodkar. The movie has been produced by Manoj Kumar. The film was released theatrically on 23 April 1999.

Two retired colonels are at loggerheads with each other because one of them had been a traitor to the country. The grandson of the traitor and the grand-daughter of the other colonel fall in love but have to surmount a number of obstacles, including the one created by the girl's grandpa, before uniting in matrimony. There is also a Brahmin's daughter who loves the coloned's grandson. In the end, the Brahmin's daughter sacrifices her life to save her beloved. The traitor colone

Genre: Action
Producer: Manoj Kumar
Release Date: 23 Apr, 1999