Dubai Return is a 2004 Indian Drama/Comedy film. It stars Divya Dutta, Razzak Khan, Ritu Shivpuri, Irrfan Khan. The movie has been produced by Manya Patil. The film was released theatrically on 30 November 2004.

Ten years ago, small time crook Aftab Angrez made a hit-man's dream debut in the Mumbai underworld with a shocking, high-profile killing. Much to his bad luck, the credit was attributed to someone else. Now back in Mumbai, with the help of two long-retired gang-mates, he sets out to regain that long lost glory. A bitter-sweet tale about lovable losers, identity crises, dashed hopes, and many misfired bullets that is riddled with laughs.

Genre: Drama/Comedy
Producer: Manya Patil
Music Director(s): Rajesh SS
Release Date: 30 Nov, 2004