Ek Baar Phir (Once Again) is a 1980 Indian Drama film. It stars Suresh Oberoi, Deepti Naval, Pradeep Verma. The film was released theatrically on 07 March 1980.
Cast: Suresh Oberoi, Deepti Naval, Pradeep Verma

Kalpana is a young girl living in a small community. She is thrilled when she receives a marriage proposal from a popular Bollywood movie actor named Mahender Kumar, which she accepts. Soon they are married. Kalpana soon finds out that her husband is so busy with his career, that he has no time to spend with her. In order to complete a movie shoot, they travel to Britain, where Kalpana meets with a struggling student, who doubles as an artist as a living. She finds herself getting attracted t

Genre: Drama
Release Date: 07 Mar, 1980