Doorie hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Deepika Chikhalia, Vikram Gokhale, Lalita Pawar. Its songs are Doorie - House Mix.
Cast: Deepika Chikhalia, Vikram Gokhale, Lalita Pawar

Football player, Vijay Saxena, has a sweetheart in Nisha. Both decide to get married and Nisha moves in with the Saxenas, which include Vijay's two younger brothers Kamal, who is studying medicine, and Sunil, who is in college. Soon Nisha gives birth to a baby girl who they name Minnie. Tragically, Vijay loses his legs in an accident and is confined in a wheelchair, with Nisha being compelled to seek employment with Mr. Pradhan as a Personal Assistant. Kamal then announces that he wants t

Genre: Drama
Release Date: 04 Apr, 2006