Raat Andheri Thi (1967) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Feroz Khan, Lolita Chatterjee, Helen, Naaz. Songs of this movie are sung by Mohammed Rafi. Its songs are Raaton Ki Siyaahi Hai, Jaan E Chaman Aaja, I Love You You Love Me, Sapna Dekha Raat Ke Jaise.
Cast: Feroz Khan, Lolita Chatterjee, Helen, Naaz

The Light was dark and two foreigners tried to smuggle very costly things in our country under the cover of darkness. But the police was alert and a trap had been laid for these notorious smugglers. In a gun fight with the Police one of the smugglers was killed but the other escaped in that dark night. This encounter with the foreigners set the police in search of the culprits who were assisting these smugglers. A murder in the dockyard and a theft of shipment of tractor parts from a go-down

Genre: Thriller
Producer: Sargam Chitra
Music Director(s): Usha Khanna
Lyricist(s): M. K. Javed, Akhtar Romani
Release Date: 01 Jan, 1967