Kama Sastra is a 2000 Indian Melodrama/Drama film. The movie has been produced by Mira Nair, Lydia Dean Pilcher. The film was released theatrically on 01 January 2000.
Plot: In 16th-century India, Princess Tara (Sarita Choudhury) is raised alongside her maid Maya (Indira Varma). The two best friends turn into enemies when Tara becomes engaged to King Raj Singh (Naveen Andrews). Embittered by Tara's sudden poor treatment of her, Maya sleeps with Raj on his wedding night and is expelled from the palace. With her mastery of sexual technique, Maya continues to entice Raj, who is too distracted by hedonistic pursuits to realize his kingdom is in danger.… MORE
Genre: Melodrama/Drama
Producer: Mira Nair, Lydia Dean Pilcher
Release Date: 01 Jan, 2000