Maa (Jagjit Singh) (1993) hit song lyrics collection. Its songs are Ambe Charan Kamal Hai Tere, Karm Sakal Tav Vilas, Mera Jivan Teri Saran, Mere Mann Ke Andh Tamas Me, Om Anandmayi Chaitanyamayi, Sarveshwari Jagdishwari, Varde Varde Varde Deen Badmi Varde.

A multi-millionaire, Ram Khanna, is advised by a fake astrologer that he will meet and marry a woman whose name will start with "M". Ram does meet Mamta, and they both fall in love. Ram marries her, despite the fact that she is the daughter of a prostitute, Heerabai, and brings her home with her. Mamta gets a chilling welcome from Ram brother's, Murli Manohar, and his wife, Maya. Mamta decides to assert herself and takes over the household matters, forcing Murli and Maya to leav

Genre: Drama
Year: 0