Bhediyon Ka Samooh: A Pack Of Wolves (1991) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars P.L. Ahuja, Praful Ambekar, Brahmachari. Songs of this movie are sung by Gautam Dasgupta, Kavita Krishnamurthy. Its songs are Parbat Se Chan Chan Ke, Mera Peshha Kharab Hain, Bhediyon Ka Samooh (Title).
Cast: P.L. Ahuja, Praful Ambekar, Brahmachari

Anilkumar Shastry, whose father pressures him to accept bribes to better their lifestyles, assumes charge as an Assistant Customers Collector in Bombay. He will soon be pitted against rival customs agents, Shivdasani and Gupta, their respective goons as well as corruption and inefficiency in his very own department. Then violence erupts, Gupta and several of his men are killed, and Anilkumar finds evidence against Shivdasani and has him arrested. Shortly thereafter he will find his life turne

Genre: Action
Producer: M.K. Shankar
Music Director(s): Trina Chakraborty
Lyricist(s): Darpan Sharma, Yogesh Gaud
Year: 1991