Anokha Aspatal is a 1989 Indian Comedy film. It stars Ankur, Ajay Chadha, Paintal. The film was released theatrically on 26 June 1989.
Cast: Ankur, Ajay Chadha, Paintal

The film is based on the Hindi story with the same name, written by Smt. Saroj Mukherjee. A young boy Gagan visits his grandmother in a village near a dense forest. The grandmother popularly called by villagers, Ammaji, runs a make-shift hospital for animals and birds which are found injured and brought to her. She takes care of them with the help of her faithful servant. A team of hunters is camping in the same forest for hunting and selling the animal skins. They are offered a large sum of

Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 26 Jun, 1989