Humse Na Jeeta Koi is a Indian Comedy film. It stars Shoma Anand, Birbal, Mohan Choti.
Cast: Shoma Anand, Birbal, Mohan Choti

Sunder Singh lives with his wife, Lajwanti, and three sons, Bheema, Kishan, and Vijay, in a small town in India. His two elder sons are slackers and up to mischief and wrestling. They find they can better their lives if they buy a tractor to till the land. Lajwanti comes up with jewelery and the brothers recover the rest of the money on hold with Lala Bhagwandas, and set forth to buy a tractor. They re-locate to the city and team up with their police inspector brother Vijay. Watch as hilariou

Genre: Comedy
Year: 1983