Aadhaa hai chandramaa raat aadhii song is from and it is sung by and .It stars and in leading roles. This song is penned by and composed by . It is produced by Raj Kamal. This song was released on 01 Jun 1959.
aadhaa hai chandramaa raat aadhii
rah na jaae terii merii baat aadhii, mulaaqaat aadhii
aadhaa hai chandramaa
aas kab tak rahegii adhuurii
pyaas hogii nahiin kyaa ye puurii
pyaasaa-pyaasaa gagan pyaasaa-pyaasaa chaman
pyaase taaron kii bhii hai baaraat aadhii
aadhaa hai chandramaa
sur aadhaa hai shyaam ne baandhaa
rahaa raadhaa kaa pyaar bhii aadhaa
nain aadhe khile honth aadhe mile
rahii pal men milan kii vo baat aadhii
aadhaa hai chandramaa
piyaa aadhii hai pyaar kii bhaashhaa
aadhii rahane do man kii abhilaashhaa
aadhe chhalake nayan aadhe chhalake nayan
aadhii palakon kii bhii hai barasaat aadhii
aadhaa hai chandramaa