Yasmin is a 2004 Indian Drama film. It stars Rattan Bai, Amirbai Karnataki, H. Siddiqui. The movie has been produced by Sally Hibbin, Jonathan Olsberg. The film was released theatrically on 07 August 2004.

Adventure fantasy about an old man, Gias Baig who wants his daughter Zubeida to marry the rich merchant Shaukat although she loves Rashid. Zubeida and Rashid plan to elope but are intercepted by Gias Baig who promptly dies of heart failure. Accused by Shaukat of murder, Rashid escapes to a gypsy camp where the beautiful Yasmin entertains him, much to the envy of the gypsy chief Behram. When Rashid is arrested, Yasmin's men rescue him and make him the new clan chief. Hamid, a nomad who bel

Genre: Drama
Producer: Sally Hibbin, Jonathan Olsberg
Music Director(s): Stephen McKeon
Release Date: 07 Aug, 2004