Priyatama (1978) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Jeetendra, Ravi, Neetu Singh, Dolly, Rakesh Roshan, Rakesh. Its songs are Koi Roko Na Deewane Ko Man Machal Raha, Na Na Jaane Na Doongi, Tere Bina Kaise Din.
Cast: Jeetendra, Ravi, Neetu Singh, Dolly, Rakesh Roshan, Rakesh

Jeetu and Dolly are in love and would like to get married. After seeking Dolly's dad's blessings, they do get married and move in together. They live harmoniously for quite some time, until misunderstandings occur, minor molehills soon become mountains, and they threaten to separate from each other. That done, each goes to their respective lawyers to negotiate a divorce. When Dolly's dad finds out about this, he decides to pay them a visit. Alarmed that he will disapprove of their

Genre: Romance
Producer: T.C. Dewan
Music Director(s): Rajesh Roshan
Lyricist(s): Anjaan
Release Date: 08 Sep, 1978