Maa Where Are You... is a 2005 Indian Drama film. It stars Sana Bakshi, Sonu Bakshi, Debangi Baruah. The film was released theatrically on 08 April 2005.
Cast: Sana Bakshi, Sonu Bakshi, Debangi Baruah

Abandoned in an orphanage, subsequently adopted by wealthy Mr. Mohanto and Gayetri, Gopal Mohanto lives a wealthy lifestyle in Guwahati. His foster mother is often cruel to him, and he runs away to Bombay, where he meets some youth in his age group and starts earning money delivering newspapers under the supervision of Badru. One day he finds some money belonging to Bollywood actress, Shalini, and returns it to her. She appreciates this, and he starts to believe that she maybe his biological

Genre: Drama
Release Date: 08 Apr, 2005