Jalwa - Fun in Love is a 2005 Indian Bollywood/Drama film. It stars Kiran Janjani, Ganesh Acharya, Monalisa (Antara Biswas), Mushtaq Khan, Upasna Singh, Neha Bhatt, Viraaj. The movie has been produced by Rajendra Tyagi. The film was released theatrically on 16 September 2005.
Plot: Manisha, a young girl, becomes a prostitute after her life is ruined by Yash, a wealthy businessman. Years later, she returns to take revenge against him and his wife, Natasha.
Genre: Bollywood/Drama
Producer: Rajendra Tyagi
Music Director(s): Dilip Sen, Sameer Sen, Laxmi-Vasant, Vasant , Laxmi
Release Date: 16 Sep, 2005