Hercules (1964) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Dara Singh, Nishi, Mumtaz, Helen, Maruti, B M Vyas, Indira. Songs of this movie are sung by Asha Bhosle. Its songs are Dekh Dekh Chal Ek Ek Pal, Na Idhar Dekhna Na Udhar.
Plot: Argolese (Dan Vadis), the strapping son of the legendary warrior Hercules, has fallen in love with Princess Telca (Spela Rozin), but, before they can get married, her father, King Tedaeo (Hugo Arden), needs Argolese's help in saving the land from a terrible dragon. Unfortunately, while Argolese is away slaying dragons, the citizens and aristocracy are kidnapped by an evil mountain tribe. Argolese must then enter the treacherous mountain kingdom and rescue the royal family and their people.… 
Genre: Fantasy/Peplum
Producer: Sunil Bohra
Music Director(s): Datta Naik
Lyricist(s): Anand Bakshi
Year: 1964
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