Aankhiyaan song is from and it is sung by .It stars , , , in leading roles. This song is penned by and composed by . It is produced by Anubhav Sinha, Alumbra Entertainment, Abhinay Deo. This song was released on 07 Mar 2014.
Aankhiyaan o re ankhiyaan
Paani ki jaisi aankhiyaan
Aankhiyaan o re aankhiyaan
Aankhiyaan o re ankhiyaan

Raat bhar soch kar roti rahi
Aaj tak seh kar soti rahi
Main akeli, main akeli
Raat akeli soye saari sakhiyaan…
Aankhiyaan… ho re ankhiyaan

Aankhiyaan… o re aankhiyaan

Cheekhein kyun siski meri banti rahein
Aag kyun jal jal ke bujhti rahein
Han han goonje kyun chilla re
Ab na bujhenge angaare
Ab na behle mann yeh mera
Sun ke jhoothi battiyaan
Aankhiyaan… o re ankhiyaan