Zara Sambhal Ke is a 2014 Indian Drama film. It stars Ehsaan Khan, Yoggitta Dandekar, Akriti Singh. The movie has been produced by Sharad Singh Thakur. The film was released theatrically on 31 October 2014.
Cast: Ehsaan Khan, Yoggitta Dandekar, Akriti Singh

This movie pot rays the life of the sex worker and their children.It also exhibits the problem of HIV& AIDS in sex worker and to the society. Naina the central character of this movie comes from village to a town in search of living along with her husband and son surya. After the death of her husband she turns into a sex worker for earning. Mangala her friend is open minded and courageous girl also living in the same brothel house. This den is run by a women named Kalitai. Who exploits th

Genre: Drama
Producer: Sharad Singh Thakur
Release Date: 31 Oct, 2014