Sanyogita - The Bride in Red is a 2005 Indian Drama film. It stars Divya Dutta, Milind Gunaji, Amardeep Jha. The film was released theatrically on 06 October 2005.
Cast: Divya Dutta, Milind Gunaji, Amardeep Jha

Sanyogita, a young girl, is married into a family in Jaiselmer, Rajasthan. On the way to her in-laws house her newly wed husband, Ranbir Singh a rather violent man is arrested by the police. Sanyogita now arrives in her new home with a 'blemish'. Her mother-in-law has problems accepting her into the household. Besides the constant strife with her mother-in-law, Sanyogita has to face up to the loneliness in a very traditional patriarchal family where women of the house are allowed very

Genre: Drama
Release Date: 06 Oct, 2005