Debshishu is a 1987 Indian Drama film. It stars Bijoy Dey, Noni Ganguly, Sadhu Meher. The film was released theatrically on 02 February 1987.
Cast: Bijoy Dey, Noni Ganguly, Sadhu Meher

This powerful and realistic film is a study of poverty, illiteracy, natural calamities and the toll they take on the human soul. the story of a rural couple who're trying to survive on the road with many others like them, after their village was destroyed by a flood. the wife gives birth to a deformed baby, which is pronounced as a 'child of the devil' by the local pundit (Hindu priest), who forces them to abandon the child and exiles them from the community. the journey takes the

Genre: Drama
Release Date: 02 Feb, 1987