Rani Hindustani is a Indian Crime film. It stars Ishrat Ali, Rana Jung Bahadur, Poonam Dasgupta.
Cast: Ishrat Ali, Rana Jung Bahadur, Poonam Dasgupta

Sweet, attractive and naive Ganga lives in a small village in India, with her mom. She is in love with Shankar, who has gone to the city at the recommendation of Thakur Shamsher Singh, and would like to marry him soon. Her dreams and innocence come to an end when she is lured by Shamsher to his mansion so that she can sleep with Minister Choudhry Devkirai. She manages to get Choudhry drunk and manages to escape to Bombay. Upon arrival, she is molested, and sold at a brothel, but she manages t

Genre: Crime
Year: 1995