Paththar (1985) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Om Puri, Deepika, Huma Khan, Anupam Kher. Songs of this movie are sung by Bhupinder Singh. Its songs are Kaun Hain Jo Mere, Aaj Ki Taza Khabar, Main Tere Saath Hoon, Mujhe Pyar Mila Dildar Mila, Khol Mera Taala.
Cast: Om Puri, Deepika, Huma Khan, Anupam Kher

Private Resham Singh is employed by the Indian Armed Forces and sent to the battle-front under the command of Major Balwant Rai. They find themselves outnumbered and are ordered to retreat at all costs. But Balwant refuses to obey, and both put up a successful resistance. During this, Balwant is mortally wounded, and Resham carries him to safety. Thereafter Balwant is Court-martial-ed for disobeying orders and dishonorably discharged from the army. He returns home to his wife, Nirmala Rai, an

Genre: Crime
Producer: Deepak Bahry
Music Director(s): Raamlaxman (Vijay Patil)
Lyricist(s): Pandit Sudarshan
Year: 1985