Madhuri (1932) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Sulochana, Patwardhan, Gulam Mohd, Jamshed, Hadi, Chanda. Songs of this movie are sung by Vinayakrao Patwardhan. Its songs are Sarita Sugandh Shobhe, Parmukh Bani Tu Kamla, Ahankaar Kar Ke.
Cast: Sulochana, Patwardhan, Gulam Mohd, Jamshed, Hadi, Chanda

Adventure spectacular set in the 4th-C. Gupta period during the battles between the kingdoms of Ujjain and Kanauj. Features the heroic Amber (Patwardhan) and the craven Prince Tikka (Mohammed), both from the Malwa, and the scheming commander of Kanauj, Mahasamant (Jamshedji). Highlights include extensive swordplay by the heroine, Madhuri (Sulochana), who defeats Mahasamant in a duel and later dresses as a male soldier to rescue Amber.

Music Director(s): Pransukhlal Nayak
Release Date: 01 Jan, 1932