Kondura (The Sage from the Sea) is a Indian Drama film. It stars Anant Nag, Nirmala, Siddesh.
Cast: Anant Nag, Nirmala, Siddesh

Jogamma is the widow of Brahmin Pandit Range Rao, and lives in a coastal village in Southern India along with her two married sons, Narsimha, who is married to Seethamma and has two sons; while Parasuram is married to Ansuya. Narsimha, who not only looks after the estate, but also works as a clerk, often ends up chiding Parsuram to do something proactive. A frustrated Parshuram, not able to bear the taunts of his family anymore decides to run away from home, but has an encounter with a Sage n

Genre: Drama
Year: 1978