Khatra is a 1991 Indian Thriller film. It stars Manik Irani, Goga Kapoor, Huma Khan. The film was released theatrically on 01 January 1991.
Cast: Manik Irani, Goga Kapoor, Huma Khan

A doctor is researching on ways to rekindle life into humans after death. He is successful with some chemicals and electric shocks but at the cost of going against nature. A dead man is alive who is dumb and just follows what the doctor says. But doesn't know love vs lust and in the bargain kills any woman he comes across, also kills the doctor. An inspector is set to stop and catch this man. The dead nan alive is a horror for all and also his body has acid instead of blood. Will he be ca

Genre: Thriller
Release Date: 01 Jan, 1991