Heerabai is a 2000 Indian Action film. The movie has been produced by Shakuntala. The film was released theatrically on 01 January 2000.

Lala, Raja, Rana and Thekedar are four Thakurs of village who constantly harass villagers. Heera lives in the same village with her brother Kishan, who goes for police training in city. One day Heera gets sexually harassed by the Thakurs and she tries to commit suicide. A group of men from the gang of Mangal - a feared dacait- save her and bring her at his den. Hira joined with Mangal's group and becomes a robber. But her only aim is to kill the four thakurs. Watch the full movie, Heeraba

Genre: Action
Producer: Shakuntala
Release Date: 01 Jan, 2000