Gul-e-Bakavali is a 1955 Indian World cinema/Tamil cinema film. It stars Zubeida, Fatma Begum, Sultana. The film was released theatrically on 29 July 1955.

One of the most successful silent films tells the folk-fantasy legend of the fairy Bakavali (Zubeida), her deivi pushp (or divine flower) Gul known for its healing powers, and the Eastern prince Taj-ul-Mulk (Khalil), who wants the flower to cure his blind father. Taj-ul-Mulk has to face his villainous brothers who steal the flower as Bakavali is turned to stone and installed in a temple, where she undergoes her human re-birth.

Genre: World cinema/Tamil cinema
Music Director(s): M. S. Viswanathan, Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy
Release Date: 29 Jul, 1955