Dharmaveer (1937) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Baburao Pendharkar, Vinayakrao, Ratnaprabha, Indira Wadkar. Its songs are le lo le lo le lo koii gajaraa lelo.
Cast: Baburao Pendharkar, Vinayakrao, Ratnaprabha, Indira Wadkar

The hypocritically pious philanthropist Dinanath (Pendharkar) drinks alcohol claiming it to be holy water, womanizes and swindles people in private. He is contrasted with common man Jagadish (Vinayak), abused by all for having failed his matriculation exam eight times and who is loved by the poor flower-girl Kasturi (Ratnaprabha). Jagadish eventually becomes the instrument for the public exposure of Dinnanath which makes him a popular hero. He remains unaffected by this turn of events and rem

Music Director(s): Annasaheb Mainkar
Year: 1937