Bodhan is a Indian Drama film. It stars Premanghsu Bose, Dipankar Dey, Noni Ganguly.

'Bodhon' is the story of two brothers Haralal and Nibaran. Harala is a cunning money lender who cheats the poor villagers. Nibaran is completely opposite and always helps the poor villagers. Haralal marries Savitri who becomes like a mother to Nibaran. Nibaran is in love with Lakhsmi, a low caste girl. Haralal is dead against the match. Haralal forces Savitri to behave rudely with Nibaran. Nibaran leaves home, marries Lakshmi and starts living separately. Nibaran visits his brother

Genre: Drama
Music Director(s): Mayukh-Mainak
Year: 1981