Raani kaushalyaa kahain lalan nahawaawo more song is from .It stars , , and in leading roles. This song is penned by and composed by . It is produced by Prakash. This song was released on 01 Jan 1942.
raani kaushalyaa kahe
lalan nahawaawo more lalan nahawaawo ji
mhaare lalan nahawaawo ji
khel kulel jaavo turat nahawaawo
jaavo turat nahawaawo ji
jaavo turat nahawaawo ji

kanak katore goro kesar ko ubatan
kesar ko ubatan ji
gor kesar ko ubatan ji
bhaago-bhaago laavo kohu sital chandan
laavo sital chandan ji
laavo sital chandan ji

janak dulaari siyaa ati sukunwaari
ati sukunwaari ji
siyaa ati sukunwaari ji
saasu-sasur ki hai praan piyaari siyaa
praan piyaari ji
siyaa praan piyaari ji

bidiyaa lagaavo kou bidiyaa lagaavo maathe
bidiyaa lagaavo ji
maathe bidiyaa lagaavo ji
vrat shruti de ke mori siyaa ko sajaavo
siyaa ko sajaavo ji
mhaare lalan nahawaawo ji