Love you song is sung by . Record label of this song is Speed Records. This song is penned by and composed by . This song was released on 27 Mar 2019. Its filmed by B2gether Pros, mix and mastering is achieved by Arron and cinematography is executed by Regondadu. Its edit/grade is Jagjeet Singh Dhanoa, background score is Apsy Singh and dc is Jatinder Brar. Its conceived by is Aman Bedil, managed by is Eyp Creations and costume is Sharuti Jamal.

Its hair stylist is Team Ali Khan, Ad Singh has performed the photography of this song and its directed by Karan Sandhu, Johnty Dhillon. Its its directed by Sharn Sandhu, chief ad is Sahil Baghra and md is Arman Dhillon. Its its directed by Mahi Sandhu, Joban Sandhu, designing is completed by Gp Sehmbi.
A Film By - B2gether Pros
Mix Master - Arron
Dop - Regondadu
Edit/Grade - Jagjeet Singh Dhanoa
Background Score - Apsy Singh
Lyrics coming soon