Jaanaa naa dil se duur song is from and it is sung by .It stars , , , in leading roles. This song is penned by and composed by . This song was released on 01 Jan 2018.
jaanaa naa dil se duur aankhon se duur jaake -2
naazuuk bahut hai dekho, naazuuk bahut hai dekho
dil ho na gam se chuur
aankhon se duur jaake
furqat ke ranj sahanaa aur munh se kuchh na kahanaa -2
bichhade hain aaj ham tum, bichhade hain aaj ham tum
milanaa hai phir zaruur
aankhon se duur jaake
(ulfat ko tum nibhaanaa mujhase na ruuth jaanaa
mujhase na ruuth jaanaa ) -2
zaalim hai yah zamaanaa, zaalim hai yah zamaanaa
dil to hai beqasuur
aankhon se duur jaake