Bharane de mohe nir song is from and it is sung by and .It stars and in leading roles. This song is penned by and composed by . It is produced by Himansu Rai. This song was released on 01 Jan 2018.
bharane de mohe nir - (3)
(hat chhad dagar, moree dhith langar
phutee jat gagar, nahee mose jhagar) - (2)
bharane de mohe nir - (3)

(badee nir bharan varee aai braj naree
baree baree matvaree) - (2)
moree doree na pakar, (bharane de mohe nir -3)

hat kanh muraree, nahee tohe dungee garee
badee garee dene varee, dekhu de toh sahee garee
natakhat chal hat, panaghat jhatapat
hat chhod dagar bharane de mohe, bharane de mohe nir - (2)
bharane de mohe nir - (2)