Bio: Gopal Singh Nepali (1902– 17 April1963) was an eminent Indian poet of Hindi literature and a famous lyricist of Bollywood. His association with Bollywood spanned around two decades, beginning in 1944 and ended with his death in 1963. He was a poet of post-Chhayavaad period, and he wrote several collections of Hindi poems including "Uman" (published in 1933). He was also a journalist and edited at least four Hindi magazines, namely, Ratlam Times, Chitrapat, Sudha, and Yogi. He was born in Bettiah in the state of Bihar. During Sino-Indian War of 1962, he wrote many patriotic songs and poems which include Savan, Kalpana, . He is also known for his seminal volume "The Newars: An Ethno-Sociological Study of a Himalayan Community" (1965), made into a book from his doctoral dissertation.
Born: 1911, Bettiah
Education: University of Mumbai
Died: 1963, Bihar