Shararat (Pakistani-Film) (1963) hit song lyrics collection. Its songs are ai dil tujhe ab unase ye kaisii shikaayat hai.

Percocious Meeta is always upto tricks and practical jokes. She devises a prank whereby she asks her close friend, Radha, to impersonate her and visit a young man, who her dad has chosen for her to marry. Radha agrees to do so, and visits Harry and his mom at their palatial house. Radha soon wins over Harry's mom, and eventually she and Harry also fall in love. When Meeta's dad, Jagat Murari, informs of his visit, Radha realizes that it is now time to depart, and desperately attempts

Genre: Drama
Music Director(s): Deboo Bhattacharya
Lyricist(s): Masroor Anwar
Year: 1963