Roshni (Album) (1999) hit song lyrics collection. Songs of this movie are sung by Hadiqa Kiyani. Its songs are Kya Ho Gaya Jo Ham Naa Mile, Mehandee Rachegee Tere Haath, Woh Kaun Hai Jo Dikhayee Na Dee.

Rohan first meets Roshni when he comes to India for a cousin's wedding. Impulsively falls in love with Roshni and marries her. The love story takes an unfortunate turn after they land on foreign shores. Rohan's extra-marital affair with Maya (Kashmira Shah) plays havoc in the lives of the couple. Innocent Roshni is shattered by her husband's blatant admission of his preference to the London bred Maya and her lifestyle. Poor Roshni agrees to adjust to Rohan's affair. But the co

Genre: Drama
Lyricist(s): Hadiqa Kiani
Year: 0