Maa O Maa hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Yunus Bihari, Ram Chandra, Sujata Das. Its songs are Meri Maa.
Cast: Yunus Bihari, Ram Chandra, Sujata Das

A farmer, Thakur Ram Singh lives a middle-classed lifestyle along with his wife, Saraswati. Since they have no children, they seek the blessings of a Sadhu, who tells them they will soon be parents of 3 children. They adopt a homeless orphan and name him Shiva, and shortly thereafter become parents of Satish and Koyal. Due to animosity with Arjun Singh, Ram is killed, but his killer goes unpunished. When Arjun attempts to molest Saraswati, Shiva kills him, is arrested, tried in Court, found g

Genre: Drama
Release Date: 05 May, 2014