King Kong is a 2005 Indian Drama/Action film. It stars Kumkum, Dara Singh, Chandrashekhar. The film was released theatrically on 05 December 2005.

When the Maharaja is ousted by an intruder, his wife and two sons, Badal and Jingu, flee. Badal gets separated while Jingu and his mother survive in near destitute conditions. Years later, Jingu has grown up to be a strong, muscled man, and sets out to seek Badal. Instead he encounters the region's wrestler, King Kong, over-powers him, and is crowned the new 'King Kong'. The Maharaja wants to honor him, but Jingu's mother distrusts this move and cautions her son. Jingu accordi

Genre: Drama/Action
Release Date: 05 Dec, 2005

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