Khooni Mahal is a 1987 Indian Horror film. It stars Shoma Anand, Huma Khan, Javed Khan, Raj Kiran, Jagdeep. The movie has been produced by Mohan Bhakri. The film was released theatrically on 27 May 1987.
Plot: Khooni Mahal is a 1987 Bollywood Horror film directed by Mohan Bhakri. It is a pornographic Hindi horror film. It was the first film of its kind of Bollywood where unknown naked female was picturised without being censored having sex with Raza Murad, Javed Khan and Kiran were the lead actors. Wikipedia
Genre: Horror
Producer: Mohan Bhakri
Music Director(s): Nadeem–Shravan
Release Date: 27 May, 1987