Hostel (2011) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Vatsal Sheth, Tulip Joshi, Mukesh Tiwari. Songs of this movie are sung by Virag Mishra. Its songs are Bandagi, Rishta Bano Humdam Bano, Heer Doli Le Chal, Hauslaah I Wanna Live Once More.
Plot: Karan, a freshman, goes to live in a hostel and becomes a victim of ragging. After facing severe humiliation, he musters the courage to fight against his perpetrators and also sets out to punish them.
Genre: Bollywood/Thriller
Producer: Vicky Tejwani, Gurpal Sachar
Music Director(s): Virag Mishra
Lyricist(s): Virag Mishra
Release Date: 21 Jan, 2011