Haveli (Pakistani-Film) (1964) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Shamim Ara, Shamimara, Santosh. Its songs are bholaa saa balamaa re naahiin samajhe hamaare ishaare, jaake susaraal gorii maike kii laaj rakhanaa, jabase gaye piyaa bhejiin naahiin patiyaaN, shiqavaa nahiin kisii se kisii se gilaa nahiin.
Cast: Shamim Ara, Shamimara, Santosh

Inspector Shyam is investigating the murder case of a woman which leads him to 4 men who are heading to Goa,Shyam along with his constable Hingirani heads to Goa,Shyam also shares a past the murder of his girlfriend Anjili.In Goa he is staying in a plush scenic hotel where he meets a pickpocket er Reem whom he keeps as assistant and hides his identity.Kumar Saxena is a night club singer in the hotel while Shyam is gathering evidence against the four culprits one by one of them get killed and

Genre: Horror
Music Director(s): Khurshid Anwar
Lyricist(s): Qateel Shifai,  Tanvir Naqvi
Year: 1964