Gomti Ke Kinaare (1972) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Rehman, Meena Kumari, Mumtaz, समीर-(Sameer). Songs of this movie are sung by Mukesh Chand Mathur (Mukesh). Its songs are ए-जहाँ - aao aao jaan-e-jahaaN, Khwab Ki Tasveer, Jine Ka Din, Jackpot Lag Gaya, Aao Aao Jaane Jahan, Aaj To Meri Hansi Udai.
Plot: Sameer lives with his mother and maternal uncle under poor circumstances till he lands a job with a reputed firm. His happiness is shattered when he discovers the ugly truth about his family.
Genre: Bollywood/Drama
Producer: Sawan Kumar Tak
Music Director(s): राहुलदेव बर्मन-(R D Burman)
Lyricist(s): मजरूह सुलतान पुरी-(Majrooh)
Release Date: 22 Nov, 1972