Chauhar is a 2017 Indian Drama/Romance film. It stars Richa Dixit, Amit Singh Kashyap, Vivek Jha, Amar Jyoti, Ratan Lal, Vijay Singh Pal. The movie has been produced by Dinkar Bhardwaj. The film was released theatrically on 07 April 2017.

A true love story from Bihar, Chauhar explores the never seen facts about the Indian society. The story is based on a popular love saga remembered as 'Reshma-Chauharmal Ka Khela'. The story is about an upper caste girl Reshma who falls in love with Chauhar, a Dalit boy. Infact, Chauhar is known for his fight against the injustice and inequality which is still prevalent in today's age & time. And because of this, Chauhar outrightly rejects Reshma's love proposal. There are

Genre: Drama/Romance
Producer: Dinkar Bhardwaj
Release Date: 07 Apr, 2017