Brandy Ki Botal (1939) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Master Vinayak, V.G. Jog, Salvi, Meenakshi. Songs of this movie are sung by Meenakshi. Its songs are Chandramukhi Pee Chandra, Koi Lelo Lelo Meetha Doodh.
Cast: Master Vinayak, V.G. Jog, Salvi, Meenakshi

The naively innocent bachelor Bagaram (Vinayak), a clerk in a municipal office, has to find some brandy to restore the ill son of his boss, who is also the brother of Malati (Meenakshi), whom he secretly loves. Not knowing what brandy is, Bagaram gets embroiled in adventures, including a famous scene in a crowded bar. He eventually procures a bottle but his beloved persists in regarding him merely as a 'brother'.

Music Director(s): Dada Chandekar
Year: 1939