Bio: Munawar Sultana (1924–2007) (her name in all her films opening credits), also written as Munnawar Sultana, or Munawar Sultana was an Indian cinema actress, who acted in Hindi/Hindustani films. She is cited as one of the "popular" actresses of the late 1940s to early 1950s period, along with Noor Jehan, Swarnalata and Ragini. Her specialty was playing the role of a selfless woman, enduring the rough treatment meted by her husband and family, but who eventually "brought her erring husband back home".
Born: 8 November 1924, Lahore, Pakistan
Died: 15 September 2007, Pali Hill, Mumbai

biich bhaNvar men aan phaNsaa hai Lyrics - Hema Malini | Rajesh khanna | Suraiyya | Suraiya Jamaal Sheikh (Suraiya)

(biich bhanvar menbiich bhanvar men aan phansaa haidil kaa safiinaa shaah-e-madiinaa)-2biich bhanvar men(bigadii huii taqadiir banaa do)-2(duubatii naiyaa paar lagaa do)-2(ek nazar mujh par bhii khudaaraa)-2mushkil hai ab jiinaa, shaah-e-madiinaabiich bhanvar men(bekas ke gam_kvaar tumhiin ho)-2(jo kuchh ho sarakaar tumhiin ho)-2(dil kaa sukuun, jiine kaa sahaaraa)-2duniyaa ne sab chhiinaa, shaah-e-madiinaabiich bhanvar men[...]