Yaaran naal song is sung by . Record label of this song is Speed Records. This song is penned by and composed by . This song was released on 13 Apr 2019. Its female vocal is Simar Kaur, cinematography is executed by Robby Singh and video is created by Yaadu Brar. Its editor is Jagjeet Dhanoa, its directed by Akshay & Sunny Thind and Vipul Sharma has performed the photography of this song. Its designing is completed by AJarts, mix and mastering is achieved by Sameer Charegaonkar.
Female Vocal : Simar Kaur
Featuring : Rii (Female Lead) & Sandeep Brar, Navi Bawa, Hardeep Maan, Dhana Amli
DOP : Robby Singh
Video : Yaadu Brar
Editor : Jagjeet Dhanoa
Lyrics coming soon