Dil kach da song is sung by . Record label of this song is Amar Audio. This song is penned by and composed by . It is produced by Pinky Dhaliwal. This song was released on 26 Jul 2016. Its dil kach da is 5432115680088, khabar na lena is 5432115679803 and dil kach da is 5378192227. Its khabar na lena is 5378192243, dil kach da is 567898192227 and khabar na lena is 567898192243. Its dil kach da is 6180589, khabar na lena is 6180590 and dil kach da is 8192227.

Its khabar na lena is 8192243, video is created by Davinder Magrala and blessing is Ustad Baldev Raj Gill. Its cinematography is executed by Gur Randhawa, video is created by Gur Randhawa & Satnam Bhullar.
Dil Kach Da : 5432115680088
Khabar Na Lena : 5432115679803
Dil Kach Da : 5378192227
Khabar Na Lena : 5378192243
Dil Kach Da : 567898192227
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