Zoo is a 2018 Indian Drama/Horror film. It stars Shashank Arora, Prince Daniel, Rahul Kumar. The movie has been produced by Alexander Brøndsted. The film was released theatrically on 01 July 2018.

Set in the heart of Mumbai, ZOO depicts lifestyles in and around the ghetto co-existing with the people residing in the upmarket, high-rise buildings of Mumbai. It is a story of a bunch of youngsters trapped and fighting their existence, and traces their lives through 4 parallel tracks. The film delves and inter-weaves the lives of 2 teenaged Dharavi rappers, a coffee-shop waiter who runs his drug delivery at the coffee shop, an under-aged teenage girl who hasn't left her posh South Mumba

Genre: Drama/Horror
Producer: Alexander Brøndsted
Release Date: 01 Jul, 2018