Shree Rambhakt Hanuman (1948) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Trilok Kapoor, S N Tripathi, Sona Chatterjee. Songs of this movie are sung by Mohammed Rafi. Its songs are Madhur Raam Ka Naam, Ram Ram Sriram, Ram Ho Ram, Daal Daal Kunj Kunj, Jai Shree Ram, Beet Chali Barkha Ritu Site.
Cast: Trilok Kapoor, S N Tripathi, Sona Chatterjee
Plot: Story revolving around the role of Hanuman during the abduction of Sita at the hands of Ravana. The film also follows the events that take place in Ram's court after Sita has proven herself.
Genre: Fantasy/Bollywood
Producer: Homi Wadia
Music Director(s): S. N. Tripathi
Lyricist(s): Homi Wadia
Year: 1948