Sati Naag Kanya is a Indian Bollywood/Fantasy film. It stars Neera, Vikram Gokhale, Manher Desai. The movie has been produced by Bhikubhai Marfatia.

A snake princess marries the Prince of Lanka, Indrajeet Meghnath, son of King Ravan, and endures the curse of a snake, whose spouse was killed accidentally by Meghnath while riding on their chariot. Also depicts the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu as Lord Ram, Goddess Lakhsmi as Goddess Sita, and Lord Shesh Naag as Lord Lachman, leading to the battle of good versus evil as told in Holy Book: Ramayan.

Genre: Bollywood/Fantasy
Producer: Bhikubhai Marfatia
Music Director(s): C. Arjun
Year: 1983